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An opportunity to develop conversational English

Christmas Carols

Cataylst Festival

Living Out Christian Values in the Marketplace

In the evening of the 16th July at 7pm – 9pm we are running an event to help Christians share their faith at work – never an easy thing to do.
This is a free evening where a team will share ideas of how we share our faith at work alongside stories of what has happened when people have done so and God has blessed their attempts. As our culture keeps changing we need to find ways to get around peoples view of Christianity and show them who Jesus really is and how he changes lives.
If you want some inspiration on how to talk about your faith or show it more clearly in what you do at work come along and see what you’ll learn.

No ticket is needed but to help us with numbers please click that you are coming on the Facebook advert which is found here if you can

If you just turn up on the night you will be welcome too.

Building High Performance Teams

We are hosting a team of Christian business trainers at Eden Centre who teach businesses how to develop effective teams using kingdom principles. The conference is for anyone working in business who manages others and wants to learn how to get the team performing really well. There will be training on recruitment, motivating teams, dealing with conflict and knowing your own strengths and weakness and how to find the right people to fill in the gaps.
The training day is from 9.30am till 4pm with lunch provided and at a cost of £25. Tickets need to be booked in advance from Eventbrite –

Quiz Night

Christmas Carol’s

Tea Dance