Who we are

Who we are


A bit about us

We are a relaxed, informal, fun loving mix of people from all over Kettering and north Northants. As Christians we love Jesus Christ and get together every Sunday at 10.30am to worship God at the Eden Centre in Kettering. The building used to be a nightclub so it’s not what many people think of as a church! Have a look at the photos and you’ll see what we mean.

We love to have new people join us and nearly every Sunday they do. Some have just moved into the area, others are wondering what being a Christian is all about. Others just wonder in having heard the great music coming out of the front door to see what’s going on.

Who we areWhatever the reason you’re here you get a warm welcome, a hot drink and sometimes a meal. The worship will be lively and we love to see the gifts of the Holy Spirit being used throughout the service as He helps us know the love of Jesus and the Father. We spend around 45 minutes singing and praying and about the same length of time looking at the Bible together. There is a quite a variation in what happens from week to week as we want the God to lead us rather than having it all mapped out beforehand.

“Loving people, building community, influencing culture”

This describes who we are pretty well. The church feels like a family is meant to – friendly, loving, accepting – and it is for people of all ages. We have lots of kids and teenagers and they have their own activities as well as being a vital part of the meeting together on Sundays.

Church is not just about getting together on Sundays, we meet in the week in small groups that we call “Life groups” and spend time together chatting, praying, eating and working out what the bible means. All the groups meet in homes around Kettering and the surrounding towns.

In brief…