Knee pain gone

I had been experiencing terrible pain around my left knee for about a week and was really worried, but didn’t tell anyone. Then, on Saturday 24th January, I came into Eden Centre for the church prayer day. It got to a point where I became very uncomfortable and had to kneel down, supporting myself with one of the stools all through the rest of the prayer session as my knee hurt so much.

After the prayer session, I left Eden Centre and realised the pain around my knee had vanished as I walked out of the main door. I ‘trotted’ all the way to the town centre to do some shopping, but wondering if it was really true!

I desired to be healed, but somehow wasn’t too sure if the pain was gone for good. Back at home, I kept musing over the whole scenario. My main issue was the fact that I did not at any time [knowingly or wilfully] pray about it. At one point, I wanted to share the testimony, but held back; I wanted to be sure it was REAL.

However, on Sunday my heart got pricked. Towards the end of the service, I could no longer hold back and went to meet Mark where he was and briefly shared the story with him.

It’s been an AMAZING story of full RECOVERY. And God did it without me even asking!