Neck pain disappears

I injured myself at work in September 2014 and have been unable to work, drive and lots of other things since then. The diagnosis from the Chiropractor and GP was a disc protrusion in my lower back (slipped disc), causing sciatica and neck pain going into my head, shoulders and arms.

I spent the first couple of months lying down with ice packs for half an hour every hour, then the other half an hour walking around trying to warm up.

I was prayed for at every opportunity I could by various people over this period of time and was trusting God in the situation completely.

In January two weeks running I went out for prayer and it got worse, but I was still trusting God. On January 25th 2015 I started a just water fast. On the 7th day of the fast at the Sunday morning meeting I was prayed for by a group of people and the pain seemed to ease a little, I woke up on Monday morning with no pain. Praise God

On 4th February 2015 at the wider leaders meeting, I had a pain in my neck going into my head and shoulders, Simon Holley spoke about someone with a sore neck so I was prayed for and the pain immediately left.

I have been pain free since then and am able to return to work when my sick note is up 23rd February 2015. I am returning in a new position in the office on a temporary basis and am praying for a permanent position in that role.

Praise God for His grace and mercy towards us.